Power Surges, Damage & Electric Repair

 Power surges can occur without warning and lead to an expensive and dangerous situation. They can wreak havoc on your equipment, causing a safety nightmare. Specific voltages have been determined for various types of electrical equipment. Avoid electric repair by having the proper safety features installed.

A power surge creates terrible damage to your electrical equipment and may result in fire. Electricity needs to be properly contained and distributed to help you avoid injury, death or electric repair.

Prevent Power Surge Situations

Thankfully, the professional and friendly team at Krueger Electric can ensure your home, office or industrial site is safe. We utilize a variety of safety features and surge protectors such as an AFCI or Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. These devices protect your building from electrical repair and fire and are typically located in your electrical panel.

GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are another popular safety feature. They are commonly found on circuit breakers or electrical outlets. GFCI’s are installed on items including hot tubs, jet tubs, heated floors and similar electrical features. They help ensure that you and your loved ones are safe from electrical shock. We recommend having a hard-wired carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector in every home and office to alert people if anything goes awry.

Avoid Electric Repair With Regular Maintenance

These safety devices need to be manually checked with a “push to test” button that has all of the instructions in their instruction manual. It is essential to test your equipment since you cannot visually determine if these detectors work. It is a great habit to check your carbon monoxide and smoke detector, AFCI and GFCI devices throughout the year to ensure everything is in ideal working order.


Safety First!

Krueger can help you replace outdated electrical equipment, faulty wiring and troubleshoot any issues. Our Kelowna electrical contractors are happy to help you safely hook up your new surge protection, hot tub, alarm system or any item requiring electrical installation. It is vital to remain vigilant in your home or office. Flickering lights, mice infestations, partially working outlets, etc. need to be addressed before something dangerous occurs.

Whole-House Surge Suppressor

There are smaller devices that can potentially protect your computer and smaller electronics from a power surge; however, they are not going to help with your major appliances. Krueger Electric can install a larger surge suppressor at your electrical panel to maximize your protection. There have been many denied insurance claims from people who suffered an unexpected power surge to their home (e.g. from a tree falling on a power line), causing their appliances or furnaces to become damaged. Don’t assume you will automatically be protected in the event of any expensive electrical repair or replacement.

Will Insurance Cover Your Electric Repair?

It is wise to contact your insurance provider to see exactly what you are covered for. We experience many lightning storms during our hot Okanagan summers and our team of licensed professionals thrives on keeping you and your family and employees safe and secure.

Protect Your Home & Office From Electric Repair

We are happy to join you on-site to deliver the best electrical solutions for your home, office or industrial system. During construction is the ideal time to hard-wire your system the most efficiently. If you are building a new residential or commercial building, we’d love to help you take care of certain safety features from the ground up.

Call us first when you are repairing, replacing or installing items on your new addition or in-law suite. We’re happy to offer our expertise and answer any questions or concerns. Contact Krueger Electric today to get started!


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