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Our safety commitment

Established in 1975, Krueger Electrics’ commitment to safety was one of our founding principles and permeates every aspect of our organization. With a company-wide goal of zero incidents, all levels of Krueger Electric employees strive to operate as safely as possible in every environment they are working in. Our management team is dedicated to protecting both people and property while maintaining a healthy work environment in accordance with industry standards, legislative requirements and in concordance with company ethics and values.

Krueger Electric is committed to worker safety & proud to be COR certified. COR is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes companies who develop and implement health and safety and injury management systems. We carefully identify and eliminate any foreseeable hazards, which may result in personal injury and property loss or damage, through regular workplace inspections, hazard assessment and the reporting of any workplace accidents/incidents.
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ISN gathers and manages comprehensive data on health, safety, environmental and performance from contractors and suppliers. With ISNet, we have the resources to continually improve safety performance and increase visibility to potential clients by helping streamline contractor reporting processes.
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A rewarding career in electrical is just a click away

Looking to grow your career in electrical installation, maintenance, and management? At Krueger Electric, we are always looking for journeymen and apprentice electricians to join our team. Plus, our innovative and growing company has regular opportunities with project management and operational positions.

We treat our staff in the same way we treat our customers—with dignity and respect. Apply today to join the Krueger Electric team. All successful candidates will be contacted.

Krueger Electric is one of Western Canada’s largest and most capable electric services providers.