Post-Power Surge: Why You Need An Electrical Technician

Even though our temperatures are still warm, the blustery winds heralding fall are here! Wind storms are common this time of year and elderly tree branches can become weary. Even if you have surge protection, you may need to contact your Kelowna electrical technician in the event of a power surge. Grounding problems and wiring issues account for the majority of electrical problems. If there is a problem with the power distribution system due to fallen lines or electrical strikes, your favourite electronic devices may experience a surge or spike. Taking certain precautions will alleviate stress and help you feel more secure in the event you are sitting in the dark and wondering “When will power be restored?”

Why Do Power Surges Occur?

A sudden increase in the voltage flowing into your home can be the result of faulty wiring, an electrical storm, issues with your electrical company’s equipment or when using high-powered equipment. It is estimated that the average home can experience upwards of three hundred power surge possibilities within a year! Krueger Electric in Kelowna wants to help you keep your family, your building and your belongings safe! Your surge protectors do need to be replaced from time to time. Check if your model has an audible alarm or a flickering light letting you know its components are needing replacement soon.

Surge Protection For Your Appliances

Some of the most common household items that can be affected in the event of a power surge include:

  • Electric shavers and hair dryers
  • Washers and dryers
  • Air conditioning and electric furnaces,
  • Copiers and Lasers printers
  • Microwaves and electric ovens
  • Electric tools

It can be very expensive to suddenly have to replace home computers and your major appliances. Thankfully, your Kelowna electrical technician can help you install some protective measures to keep your home and office safe. Plugging your electronics and appliances into a surge protector instead of your outlets can save them from potentially becoming fried due to intense voltage spikes.


Electrical Technician Recommends Power Strips

Overloaded electrical outlets are a dangerous fire hazard. One of the easiest things you can do to help protect your electronics and appliances from any issues is to install power strips at your electrical outlets. Be aware of flickering lights, buzzing sounds or the smell of anything burning that has an acrid, terrible smell. Cracked and damaged outlets should be avoided until they are fully serviceable. If you are in doubt, call Krueger and choose a different electrical outlet in the meantime. There are some great power strip designs to help you maximize those hard-to-access electrical outlets safely.

Don’t Hesitate To Contact Your Kelowna Electrical Technician

If you prefer maximum power surge protection, consider having a panel-mounted surge protector installed at your main circuit panel. This can help to control any influx of power before it reaches your most prized electrical appliances and items. Krueger Electric is happy to visit your residential, commercial or industrial location to help you decide which method of surge protection will best suit your needs.

Our professional and courteous team is happy to discuss any of your electrical questions or concerns. Contact us today to ensure you are protected from any power surge dilemmas.


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