Electrical Services: Kelowna Construction Boom


Electrical Services: Kelowna Construction Boom

Happy New Year Kelowna! 2019 is off to a great start in our gorgeous city. Property assessments have recently been mailed out and most homeowners have seen the value in the investment continue to rise. 2019 promises new housing start-ups, condominium towers and neighbourhood growth. More high rise commercial building permits have been approved as the Okanagan tries to improve our vacancy rate with more affordable housing options. Krueger Electrical can implement all of your home electrical requirements. We are committed to the safety of your crew and our own as we provide residential and commercial electrical services. Some of the top installations our team of urban electrical contractors provides include:

  • Interior & Exterior lighting retrofit
  • Energy-Efficient Appliance Upgrades
  • Fire Alarms
  • Water Heaters
  • LED Retrofits
  • Installation of automated garage doors and parkade components
  • Heat Pumps, HVAC, Air-Conditioning Units
  • Hot Tubs, Pools & Saunas
  • Radiant heat flooring and heated driveways & much more!

Kelowna Electrical Services In High Rise Buildings

There are numerous electrical items that need to be installed safely and professionally in high rise commercial building construction. Condominiums are on the rise within the downtown core and more neighbourhoods are incorporating multi-family dwellings and mixed-use commercial buildings with stores on the first floor and residential units above. Krueger Electrical is thrilled to be involved in the growth of one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities. Entrepreneurs, young families and professionals from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are relocating in the Okanagan Valley due to our less expensive real estate and lack of rain! More students are coming to our city for post-secondary education and deciding to stay. As the availability of houses is often financially unavailable for many people starting out, condos and high-rises have become a slightly more affordable option for many. Prepare to see our skyline expand even further this year.

Electrical Systems In High Rise Buildings

Every component from fire alarm installation to HVAC, life safety monitoring, emergency power systems, recreational facilities including hot tubs, pools and saunas needs to be safe and up to code. Our experienced and friendly team has been proudly serving Kelowna and surrounding areas since 1975. We are suited for low, medium and high voltage installations of any kind and would be happy to quote on your next residential, industrial, institutional or commercial project.


Home Electrical Upgrades Save You Cash

Regardless if you are a developer starting from the ground up with a new high rise commercial building or a current homeowner who is looking for some LED retrofits and new appliances or hot tub installation, Krueger Electrical is your first and last call! Our team is happy to help you save money in the long-run with quality electrical recommendations and installations. Newer appliances, water heater upgrades and sealing drafts that come in through every electrical outlet in your home can dramatically improve your energy consumption. There are many items we rely on daily that can add up over time. Newer refrigerators offer energy-efficient savings and ensuring your dishwasher, hot tub, TV’s, dryer and washing machine are safely installed and offering you the best bang for your buck is essential.

Contact Krueger Electrical For A Quote Today!

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your upcoming project. We understand that electrical services in high rise buildings, home electrical and all residential and commercial electrical services need to be implemented safely, efficiently, on time and on budget. Our professional team can customize innovative solutions for your site. We are excited to exceed your expectations and answer any questions or concerns. Contact us today to get started!


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