Kelowna Residential Electrician Hot Tub Installation


The weather has taken a chillier turn and your muscles and bones are feeling it. You have been considering splurging on a hot tub for some time and are ready to make it happen. Krueger Electric can safely handle your residential hot tub installation in Kelowna! Call our licensed team today at 250.860.3905 to schedule your wiring or voltage upgrade and associated hot tub installation components. We will ensure your spa utilizes safe voltage and that your power source is up to code and accurate. Older homes especially may require upgrades prior to adding an electrical appliance. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding your hot tub installation.

Residential Electrician Hot Tub Installation Considerations

Where is your new hot tub feature going to be installed? Do you have easy access to your back, front or side deck via a patio or French doors? Are you close to overhead power lines or trees? It is recommended that your hot tub is situated at least 5 feet away from the removed spa panel and at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines. Taking accurate measurements prior to calling your residential electrician will enable you to organize a streamlined installation. Our experienced and professional team can help you make the most of this winter season!


Safety First

Our licensed and bonded team of professionals will help you safely install your new interior or exterior spa. Adding a new outdoor oasis to view the stars and melt your muscular pain away will become a favourite part of your routine. Call Krueger Electrical for all of your residential hot tub installation requirements. Maybe this is the winter you are adding a jet tub into your master suite? Our team is happy to address all of your home spa requirements. You need a professional electrical team on your side in order to comply with the latest codes and keep your house insurance up to date. In the event of a future fire or electrical problem, you may not be covered if you decided to cut corners on your electrical with DIY initiatives. Let Krueger Electrical help keep you and your family safe as you soak away the winter blues! Call us today to schedule your residential hot tub installation.

Power Usage

Of course, your relaxing spa oasis will make a dent in your power bills. Even the most energy-efficient spa models will still show an increase in your monthly bills. Consider investing in a very secure and insulated hot tub lid. Making other positive choices around the house to minimize energy consumption such as hanging laundry to dry, sealing drafty windows, lowering the thermostat and using energy-efficient lighting can help you offset the costs of keeping 5000 lbs of hot tub water running nice and toasty all winter. Conversely, think of all the money you are saving by not getting into your car and driving to the recreation complex, paying admission and taking your chances of enjoying a relaxing soak in a communal hot tub that may be full of noisy, splashing kids. Having your own spa oasis provides the perfect place to rest and unwind mentally and physically. Start or end your day with soothing jets massaging your tight muscles. There are plenty of health benefits associated with frequent hydrotherapy.


Your New Hot Tub Awaits!

We look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience. Imagine enjoying your hot tub after a day skiing, or after shovelling the driveway. Take family time to an entirely new level this winter and enjoy your new residential spa.

Krueger Electric in Kelowna proudly serves the Okanagan Valley. Contact us today to book your hot tub electrical.


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