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If you own a commercial or industrial building in the Okanagan, you know the importance of efficient and effective lighting. At Krueger, we’ve been providing commercial electrical service to small, medium and large sized businesses for over 40 years. Our friendly service and expertise mean we can get the job done right and on time, every time. When it comes to commercial electrical services, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to help you choose the best lighting for your space. Keep reading to learn more.

Commercial Electrical Service in Buildings: Consider Cost Effectiveness

If you own a commercial or industrial building in the Okanagan, you know the importance of efficient lighting. Hydro bills can add up quickly in a large commercial space. If you’re looking into commercial electrical service you’ll want to consider the following costs:  

  • Lighting Fixtures 
  • Installation  
  • Energy consumption 
  • Maintenance/Replacement  

Choosing the right lights for your space should fit within your initial budget and be as efficient as possible. When installing your lights, take into consideration where in your commercial space the lighting will have the maximum impact. Additionally, choosing LED light bulbs will lower your hydro bill in the long run. If you need help choosing the right fixtures, placement, and bulbs, we recommend contacting your Kelowna urban electrical contractor

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Urban Electrical Contractors: Helping You Find the Right Bulb 

Before you purchase a fixture or plan out where you want your lights, we recommend looking into finding the right bulb for your space. Did you know that it only takes a 14-watt LED to produce as much light as a 75-watt incandescent? We recommend LED lighting for commercial spaces to save on energy costs in the long run. You’ll also want to consider the brightness. Most commercial spaces choose brighter lights as is affects employee productivity. Typically, it’s harder for employees to stay focused in poorly lit areas. 
Another consideration when picking out the right light bulbs is the colour of the bulbs. Some bulbs will cast a cooler shade, while others will make the room feel warmer.   

Commercial Electrical Service: Outdoor Commercial Lighting 

In addition to installing efficient lighting inside your commercial space, we recommend installing outdoor commercial lighting as well. Adding outdoor lighting can add a level of protection and security to your building. Depending on the relevance to your particular business, outdoor commercial lighting can also make your building stand out and look more appealing. If you’re worried about your exterior lights being tampered with, we suggest lights placing lighting fixtures high up, or choosing street lamps that are too tall to be tampered with. The team at Krueger would be happy to help you decide on the appropriate lighting solutions for based on your specific space, needs, budget and the existing look of your building.   

Commercial Electric Service from Krueger Electric

The team at Krueger has worked on many commercial and industrial spaces. From commercial developments, office/business retail spaces to wind farms, solar and energy projects to environmental energy products, our team have the experience and expertise for your job. We’ve worked on numerous projects, such as Clean Energy, the Landmark Centre, and the Kelowna Yacht Club. Over the past 40 plus years, we have assembled an extraordinary group of certified professionals (50 – 100 electricians) with a complete line of in-house equipment and services to ensure that our clients receive the best electrical services experience every time they work with us. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your upcoming commercial or industrial project.


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