Kelowna Electrician: Energy Efficient Lighting Options For Winter


Autumn is here and it is gorgeous as always! This cooler, darker time of year is often when we start relying on our interior and exterior lighting solutions to provide illumination and security to our homes and businesses. Your Kelowna Electrician has energy efficient lighting options for winter that will help you stay cheery and bright, without putting a massive hole in your wallet in the long run. Krueger Electric can help you upgrade your energy efficiency. Switching to more efficient lighting solutions is a worthy investment since energy is a precious commodity that should not be taken for granted.

Lighting & Personal Safety

We often find ourselves leaving for work or school in the dark and coming home in the dark for a portion of our fall and winter seasons. Krueger Electric understands how vital lighting considerations are for your health and well-being. Keep your family, your mail delivery team and visiting friends safe by offering enough external illumination on your driveway, stairs, and porch area to prevent trips or falls. Installing security motion activated lights is an excellent way to keep your family safe from bears or other hazards this time of year. They also help deter people and wildlife from loitering around your residential or commercial property.


Goodbye Incandescent Bulbs Hello CFL & LED

Krueger Electric in Kelowna knows that upgrading every lightbulb in your home or office can be costly initially; however, newer bulbs are designed to last years longer than the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Traditionally available in 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W, this option has been officially phased out due to better energy saving options on the market. While you may still see these lights offered in certain stores, they won’t be able to be endlessly replaced with all of the new technology available.

CFL Lighting Options

Did you know that an 18W CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light makes as much light as a 75-watt incandescent? Falling within $4-$6 per bulb is one of the more affordable options for your lighting replacement, lasting approximately ten times longer than traditional incandescent options. Note, CFL bulbs do not function well in colder temperatures below freezing. Be sure to read labels and do some research before mass purchasing your light bulbs. Look for a “minimum start temperature rating” somewhere on the packaging to ensure you are purchasing a low-temperature CFL model for winter. Some models will come on down to 32 degrees F, while others are rated to zero degrees. Reading the label prior to purchasing is essential to ensure you will remain cozy during the colder months.

CFL Mercury Education

When you are used to dealing with older, broken glass light bulbs, a simple broom and dustpan does the trick (we recommend vacuuming over the area for good measure). However, CFL bulbs contain toxic mercury gas that escapes into the air when they are broken, similar to all fluorescent light bulbs. Special care needs to be taken when its lifespan is complete and it is time for safe disposal. Simply throwing these bulbs into the regular trash may cause them to break and release harmful mercury gas into our environment.


LED Lighting Considerations

If you are looking for ways to positively affect our global energy crisis, updating to LED or light emitting diode bulbs can make a difference. Did you know that it only takes a 14 watt LED to produce as much light as a 75-watt incandescent? Imagine how many fewer power stations and power plants will be required in the future once better lighting and energy solutions are implemented. We can all do our part to make small changes that have a positive environmental impact.

Contact Kruger Electric Today To Upgrade Your Lighting

Our friendly and professional team has the experience and recommendations for all of your residential, commercial or industrial lighting concerns. Contact Krueger Electric today to arrange a quote and we will be happy to meet you at your earliest convenience. Making the switch to save your energy bills and helping the planet simultaneously with reduced energy consumption is something we can all feel great about! Fall and winter in the Okanagan can be more expensive with increased heating and gas bills, especially with the upcoming holidays. Upgrading your lighting needs now can positively influence more than your bottom line in the future! We look forward to answering any of your questions or concerns.


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