Kelowna Electrical Services Save Lives: Don’t Try This At Home


Trying to save some cash to complete your wiring and electrical tasks on your own is risky business. In fact, it is simply not worth taking a chance. Krueger Electric in Kelowna has the professional and experienced electricians you need to tackle your next residential, commercial or industrial project. We have been proudly serving the community since 1975 and look forward to helping you with your next electrical project! Common electrical injuries include:

  • Burns
  • Electrical Shock
  • Falling from Heights
  • Electrocution

Kelowna Electricians Keep Safety Forefront

There are many types of electrical burns that can land homeowners in the hospital. Oral burns, low and high voltage burns, arc burns, flame burns and flash burns can leave people scarred for life, or even worse. It is vital to seek immediate medical attention in the event of any unfortunate electrical accident. Many burns initially look fairly minor on the surface; however, extreme damage may be apparent internally. Avoid your chances of being burned or catching your house on fire by calling our licensed and bonded crew instead!


Avoid Electrical Shock & Call Your Kelowna Electrician

These cooler temperatures have many folks running out to splurge on a new hot tub. While we love the relaxing soak just as much as the next guy, Krueger Electric reminds clients to have their hot tubs installed professionally. Regardless, if you are upgrading models, putting one in for the first time or relocating it on your new deck, our team will ensure you, your family and your property remain safe with proper hot tub wiring installation. Electrical shock can occur when homeowners are unsure about the voltage they are working with or how to properly navigate unfamiliar devices and subsequent wiring. Skip the guesswork as it is simply not worth the chance of electrical shock or injury and call us instead!

Fall Prevention

Many people underestimate how unsafe ladders and working at heights truly is. The average homeowner doesn’t have security devices including fall protection and many don’t own a sturdy ladder. Wouldn’t it be better to call our team and have us complete your electrical upgrades on your behalf? Stay cozy indoors and let us handle the rewiring, installation or energy efficiency upgrades you desire. Scaffolds, ladders and working with overhead wires is nothing to scoff about. Our trained professionals arrive on site with everything we need to keep you and your family safe. Many of your wires are in ceilings and behind walls. Avoid unnecessary repairs and costly drywall mistakes by calling us first!


Residential Electricians Kelowna

Electrocution is the terrible result that occurs when an individual has direct contact with circuit parts or exposed conductors. We naturally have a current of electricity flowing through our bodies continuously. When excessive electricity surges into our system, it can disrupt our normal rhythm. This may lead to intense muscle spasms, the inability to breathe properly or even fatally stopping the heart. Don’t try to cut corners when you go Griswold with your Christmas light display. Call Krueger Electric to handle all of your residential, commercial or industrial electrical concerns.

Krueger Electrical Saves Time, Money & Lives!

Tinkering with electrical features that offer zero history of installation is tricky business. Imagine if you knew another un-licensed homeowner had completed your wiring. Many people take shortcuts to save a buck and make crazy (and downright dangerous) electrical connections to avoid punching holes in drywall etc. Use a voltage detector to check every circuit and be vigilant for rogue currents that may occur when light switches or outlets have been installed without registering properly on the voltage detector. Don’t ever take chances. If for some reason you need to check on a certain circuit and you are not confident about the situation, the option to visit your service panel and shut down the entire house main breaker is possible. However, we recommend picking up the phone and contacting Krueger Electric instead!

Stay Safe & Call Krueger Electrical

Our team wants you and your family to enjoy superior safety and peace of mind. No job is too big or too small when it comes to electrical safety concerns. We look forward to meeting with you at your residential, commercial or industrial location to implement your electrical needs safely and efficiently. Contact us today to book your appointment!


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