Electrical Upgrades To Consider When Completing a Commercial Renovation In Kelowna

Mitigating urban sprawl translates to building up and not out. Maximizing vertical space with high rise commercial building designs can positively affect office buildings, hospitals, condominium accommodations, residential, commercial, industrial and institutional spaces. Our city continues to grow and Krueger Electrical has a talented team of urban electrical contractors your next project needs. From the Landmark Buildings on Harvey Avenue to the Kelowna Loft, the elegant Aberdeen Hall and so much more, Krueger Electrical is proud to be adding functional, gorgeous and safe designs throughout our city. We are thrilled to see our work light up the Kelowna skyline every night! We are your first and last call for all of your electrical upgrades.

HVAC Electrical Services In Buildings

Your entire operation can come to a grinding halt if the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements are not installed safely and efficiently. Don’t let your staff or your family freeze or swelter by choosing the lowest bidder when it comes to your commercial electrical services. We specialize in all facets of electrical services in high rise buildings. We are local and we understand the temperature fluctuations that occur in the Okanagan. Let our experienced and friendly team handle your commercial electrical upgrades and installations.


Capacity Upgrades

Undertaking an electrical overhaul requires some forethought into your current and forecasted capacity requirements. If your team is expanding rapidly, it is wise to consider what things may look like over the next decade. Being prepared to grow will reduce downtime and encourage a smooth transition. We can help you determine your needs and are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding load capacity. Eliminate your chances of creating an electrical fire, experiencing power surges or system overloads by ensuring your commercial electrical is up to code and prepared. It is common to have to upgrade your commercial electrical panel and we can help you streamline the process.

Energy Efficient Electrical Services In Your High Rise Buildings

Customers are much more willing to invest in an office space, factory, residential unit etc. if they know that they are relying on the greenest technology the industry has to offer. Power is often something we take for granted. Flick a switch and the lights magically appear. Yet, every winter we see fellow Canadians and millions around the world succumb to Mother Natures’ storm seasons. Your high rise commercial building, institution, or residence deserves the very best and Krueger Electrical delivers our very best on time and on budget. Contact us for a quote and let’s get started!


Dedicated Circuits Simplify Electrical Upgrades

Does your business or building rely on cash machines, cash registers, computers and the like? Your power usage is going to only continue to rise over time. Having dedicated circuits can help minimize the risk of catastrophic power surges and protect your equipment better than if everything was set up on a single circuit. We are happy to discuss your power usage and recommend the solid solutions your building needs for success!

Fire Alarms & Security Electrical Upgrades

Emergency services need to be correctly installed to ensure they are functioning optimally 24/7. From keyless fob systems to intercoms, fire alarms, CO2 monitors and security systems, our team of professional urban electrical contractors has the expertise your building relies on. Smart home technology is becoming more available as clients prefer having the flexibility of checking on their property from their wireless devices while away. We can help you feel more secure and protected with our extensive commercial electrical services.

We are excited to see the plans for your next commercial build. Discover why we are the best urban electrical contractors to see your project through! We look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

Call Krueger For Your Commercial Electrical Services Kelowna!


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