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If you own a retail store, you know your success isn’t solely based on the products you carry. Part of running a successful retail store is the atmosphere and experience you give customers from the moment they walk through your doors.  An essential part of engaging, inspiring and compelling shoppers has a lot do with how your space is lit.

From what kind of bulbs and lighting fixtures your store has, to where they’re placed, these factors can bring your store to life. If you’re interested in making your retail store the one that leaves a lasting impression on customers, keep reading for a few expert tips from Krueger. We specialize in commercial electrical services and are happy to work with local businesses in Kelowna to help them highlight their best features.

Commercial Electrical Services: Four Types Retail Lighting  

Lighting can be one of the biggest elements contributing to the mood of a space. Understanding the four different types of retail lighting can help you achieve the mood and atmosphere most appropriate for your specific space. The four types of retail lighting are:  

  • Accent Lighting 
  • Task Lighting  
  • Decorative Lighting  
  • General/Ambient Lighting 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be added to any space to make certain features or products “pop”. It gives these products a sense of importance. It can also help draw shoppers’ eyes to features or areas of your store, drawing interest to the products you have highlighted. 

Task Lighting  

Task lighting is a little less glamorous, but necessary all the same. Task lighting placed in rooms or areas that need sufficient lighting to complete tasks. Dressing rooms, back offices, stock rooms, and similar areas can benefit from task lighting. However, task lighting doesn’t need to be boring, it can be decorative as well as functional, adding to the overall atmosphere of your store.  

Decorative Lighting  

Decorative lighting is meant to be memorable. It may be a focal point within your retail store, such as a large, glamorous chandelier, or mixed monochrome pendants. Picking decorative lighting that fits with your retail store’s space is important for a consistent, memorable shopping experience. 

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General / Ambient Lighting  

General, or ambient lighting, will likely be the largest source of light in your retail space. Urban electrical contractors, such as Krueger, suggest selecting general lighting to fill the space between highlight displays, corners, shelves, and counters. The ambiance of the lighting should make customers feel comfortable in the space, inviting them to explore.

Electrical Services in Buildings: Keeping it Efficient  

Using the right combination of retail lighting is important to achieve your store’s unique atmosphere and ambiance. As important as the lighting fixtures themselves, picking the right bulbs is important for whether you want a cool, natural, or warm feeling in your store. Additionally, picking the right bulbs for your space can help you save money on electrical bills in the long run! Did you know that an 18W CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light makes as much light as a 75-watt incandescent? Falling within $4-$6 per bulb is one of the more affordable options for your lighting replacement, lasting approximately ten times longer than traditional incandescent options. If you’re wondering about the best bulbs to pick in your retail space, don’t hesitate to contact your urban electrical contractors, such as Krueger electric. 

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Kelowna Commercial Electricians: Experts on Electrical Services in Buildings  

There’s a lot to consider when lighting your retail space. If you have further questions about the best lighting for retail spaces, don’t hesitate to contact us at Krueger Electric! We’ve been serving the Kelowna and surrounding area with commercial electrical services for over four decades. Our urban electrical contractors would be happy to help you transform your space into a memorable, welcoming space for shoppers.  

Contact Kreuger Electric to find out more about retail space lighting. 


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