Top Security Upgrades to Wire in During Construction

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You want your home or commercial building to feel safe. And so it should! With all the money you spent on construction, it should feel as much like a fortress as it does a sanctuary.

It’s generally much easier to embed security measured into your new home during construction. Building security into your building from the offset can save you time, money, and heartache down the line.

These are our top tips for security upgrades you should think about wiring in during the construction of your Okanagan home or business.

Embrace Smart Home Technologies

Smart home technologies come with a range of perks: increasing your home value, increased quality of life, increased comfort, and increased security.

At a minimum, smart home technologies can make it seem like someone is home when they aren’t – which acts as a deterrent. You can see who’s at the front door via the camera. And you never have to worry about locking the doors or whether you left the stovetop on! Since all those home features are controlled via an app.

Read more about the benefits of Smart Home technologies in this Direct Energy blog.

Smart Home Security App

Install Wired Alarm Systems

It’s always best to wire in alarm systems during construction. This is known as pre-wiring.

Pre-wiring is easier, faster, and gets better results than alarms installed as an afterthought. During construction, the wiring can be installed wherever it’s needed. At this stage, it’s also easier to consult with the builders, electricians, and other tradespeople since they’re on-site.

Upgrade with Keyless Entry

Keyless door locks are compatible with a range of locking devices, including deadbolts. This means your keyless entry can be perfectly tailored for the level of security you need.

They can also be tailored to include features like:

  • anti-tamper lockout,
  • multiple access modes,
  • adjustable code lengths, and
  • restricting user access.

Install Motion-Activated Lighting Systems

Motion-activated lighting systems act as a deterrent for potential thieves. While they’re heavily relied on by businesses, they also work well to protect residential properties. Especially in tandem with security cameras.

For more information about the benefits of security lights, check out this article on the benefits of outdoor security lights.

Wire in smart security cameras

Smart security cameras can be accessed from your phone from wherever you are. You can get alerts to your phone when something triggers the alarm, which means you can react to any intruders immediately.

Moreover, it allows you to arm the police with the information they need to respond appropriately.

Consult Krueger Electric for Your Security System Upgrade

Krueger Electric can help you improve your home’s security while making it more comfortable and increasing its resale value. Our extraordinary group of certified professionals have the equipment and expertise needed to get your job done right, on time, and on budget.

Contact us today to discuss – whether you’re building now, soon, or you’re in an established home or commercial property.


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