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Clean energy solutions that save you money and benefit future generations

Krueger is an industry leader in clean and renewable energy installations. We believe that it is our responsibility to promote and support the adoption of clean and renewable energy systems for both residential homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. From solar and wind energy to biogas and EV chargers, Krueger has the expertise and systems to help you take the next step towards a cleaner future.


A leader in renewable and clean energy systems

Krueger electric can assist with all aspects of consulting, design, installation, and maintenance of renewable and clean energy electrical systems. For nearly 20 years, we have been a leader in this space, partnering on some of the Okanagan’s largest clean energy projects. Additionally, in association with our sister company Platinum Power, Krueger is helping to innovate new solar and renewable energy technologies to benefit our customers and the environment.
Krueger has years of experience in installing and maintaining solar panel systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our team of certified electricians welcomes the chance to show you the benefits of installing renewable energy for your property. We also work with government, agriculture, and First Nations groups to help bring clean energy systems to remote areas.

Looking for something a bit bigger? Krueger has provided project support and installation services for some of Western Canada’s largest solar farms. Our experienced team can help you determine the best systems and project plan to ensure you have access to clean, renewable power no matter where your location may be.

An innovation of Platinum Power, Krueger is proud to be the sole provider of small-footprint solar towers that bring the value of solar power generation to a much broader market. In contrast to solar panels and solar farms, solar towers – with vertically aligned panels – can be placed in as small an area as 20×20 ft while producing the same output or more of a traditional solar panel array. Plus, solar towers can be installed in sequence to match any level of electrical output needs.
Bringing clean energy to the world means harnessing natural power without causing irreparable damage to the environment. Krueger has been proud to be a key electric installation partner for some of Western Canada’s largest wind farm projects, helping to bring renewable energy to thousands of homes and businesses.
Looking to drive clean? Krueger Electric is a leader in the installation of EV chargers for residential and commercial buildings. Plus, you can couple an EV charger to a home or business solar panel system for the ultimate in clean energy consumption.

Biomass offers a versatile and abundant energy source that can be used for the production of heat, power, transport fuels and biomaterials. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, Krueger is an expert in supporting Biomass energy installations and maintenance.

Captured gas from landfills, facilities, agriculture waste, and local utilities is an excellent source of clean energy production. Krueger Electric’s team of certified electricians and project managers are ready to help you turn harmful waste gases into a beneficial source of renewable energy.

Let Krueger take you into the next generation of clean energy. Contact Us to get a quote or discuss your specific project needs. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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