Slocan Community Health Centre, SCH

Krueger Electric was contracted to replace the old generator for the Slocan Community Health Centre in New Denver, BC.

Our Work

The project required us to rewire the old distribution board with a new 800 amp breaker. Remove the old transfer switch and install a new transfer switch in the old generator shack.  This also included an 800 amp gutter, 800 amp disconnect.  Installed all underground conduit from the new generator to the old generator building; from the old generator building to the old distribution board. 

The job itself was very challenging, not electrically, but physically due to travel time from Kelowna to New Denver and back due to Covid-19 restrictions on the availability of hotels, meals, etc. Because the job transferred old to new equipment, we ended up having two shut-downs; one to replace the 800 amp breaker from Hydro and one was to transfer to the replacement generator which was a little more involved because of the restrictions of the time allotted by the Hospital. We managed to transfer from the old generator to the new generator in approximately five and a half hours with the fantastic crew we had.   

Following the shut-down, our job was to remove any materials associated with the old generator and the transfer switch, rebuild the generator building walls, and restore the building with new siding.   

We also contracted to re-pave around the generator and between the generator and the old generator building. On the opposite side of the generator building and the hospital, we re-seeded the grass. At this point, our job was completed. 


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