Northern Cherries

Northern Cherries is an automated packing, processing and storage facility for local Okanagan cherries that get exported internationally. This building consists of plenty of refrigeration equipment that is needed to keep the cherries fresh and healthy throughout the process.  

The heart of the building which is the optical sizer, also known as the Unitec line, is a complete unit that sorts and packages the cherries and is fully automated. Once the cherries have been sorted and packed in their proper boxes, they are then brought to some of the first wind tunnels in North America. A wind tunnel is a room where high force chilled air is sucked through the cherry boxes and brings down the temperature before being put on the truck to be exported.  

Our Work

Our install consisted of a vast number of motors, pumps, variable frequency drives, reactor banks, Control panels and condensing units. We took great pride in the quality of our work and will continue to do so in future jobs in the agriculture industry.  


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