Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas From an Electrician

Outdoor garden lighting set up by outdoor lighting electrician

Now that’s getting lighter out for longer, who says the good times need to stop when it gets dark? Outdoor lighting is a great way to keep your backyard activities going late into the evening. But outdoor lighting can be used for so much more than that, just ask an outdoor lighting electrician.

Below are some ideas for outdoor lighting you may or may not have considered.

Security Lighting

Helpful for scaring off animals or even burglars in some cases, security lights often come in the form of motion-activated lights. These are typically best mounted higher up and in multi-bulb options to cast a wide array of light.

Although they can be used to scare off animals, they can also be used to help guide you if you’re coming home late and need to have some light while getting into your home easily or for carrying in anything from your car.

Path and/or Garden Lights

Like security lights, path lighting can also be helpful at night for helping guide people along hard-to-see paths. This kind of lighting also has the added benefit of helping your garden path look even better as well.

Speaking of gardens, you can also light up your garden with small lights for a great aesthetic in the evening. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of solar LED lights that automatically turn on when it gets dark enough.

Patio with outdoor string lighting set up by outdoor lighting electrician

String Lights

Perfect for patios, string lighting works best as soft lighting hung from gazebos or the eaves of your home. Because they’ll likely be out when it rains, make sure to find ones that are waterproof.

However, depending on the placement of your patio, you may want to opt for rechargeable or battery-powered, waterproof string lights to avoid strewing extension cords all over the yard.

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is designed to help avoid people tripping on the stairs at night. Because of this, it’s usually set up as recessed lighting which can be done efficiently by an outdoor lighting electrician.

Other ways to light your deck itself though include lanterns and sconces—both of which can also easily be set up effectively by an electrician as well.

Spot Lights

Not to confused with the giant spotlights used in movies, spot lights (also referred to as “landscape lights”) generally serve a more aesthetic purpose than a functional one. They work best when used to showcase or highlight a plant or feature in your backyard like a pool or pond and sit on the ground with light pointing up.

There are plenty of outdoor lighting options perfect for a multitude of home styles. Above are just a few of the many possibilities available to light up your backyard and keep your activities going no matter how late it is.



With the help of experienced outdoor electricians, you’ll get your home lit up exactly how you always wanted. Get in touch today to get started!


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