Most Common Electrical Code Violations

Common electrical code violation with burnt wire

If you purchased a home or commercial building with common electrical code violations unknowingly, these issues can put yourself, and others, at risk. These violations are crucial to recognize to prevent future issues.

But how do you recognize what an electrical code violation looks like? What impact can it have on your home or office if left unchecked? We answer those questions below. 

Common Electrical Code Violations–Knot and Tube Wiring 

Knot and tube wiring used to be considered the most advanced kind of electrical wiring… in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Unfortunately, this wiring is still in place in some old buildings and due to the nature of its design is considered a violation nowadays. It can be very dangerous because the wires aren’t grounded, the circuits only support a low amperage (which is often less than required), and the insulation on the wires disintegrates over time. 

If you know your residence or building was built before the 1950s, and you’ve found out or been informed that the wiring hasn’t ever been updated or replaced, you might have this type of wiring in placeIf you’re not sure, an electrician will be able to tell you if it’s there. You will have to remove it if it’s found but understand it’s better for the safety of everyone involved. 

Krueger Electric can rewire your home up to code properly and efficiently so you can sleep safely knowing your home’s electrical system is wired correctly. 

New Lights Installed Without the Replacement of Old Wiring 

Due to the design of new light fixtures, one of the most common electrical code violations is putting new lights on old wiring. Because most new lights can withstand up to 90°C, whereas old light fixtures are only rated for 60°C, the wires can get overloaded. 

To fix this, and your building has wiring from before 1987, you can get a splice box installed which can ensure your wires don’t heat up. Just make sure that there’s a minimum of three feet of wiring that connects the old wiring to the new light fixture. This way, you won’t have to do an extensive rewiring of the entire circuit. 

Bundle of wires together electrical violation

Too Many Wires Bundled Closely Together 

Depending on how your residence or commercial property was wired, there may be too many wires crammed together. This can lead to burning wires, especially in wires that were pushed through together into the wall and dragged across each other, reducing their insulation. This is especially dangerous because it’s a silent fire hazard.  

The best indication of this issue is discovering more than three wires running through a standard 7/8-inch hole. Hire an electrician to properly rewire the circuit, remove any damaged wire, and install a junction box. 

Electrical code violations can reduce the safety of your commercial building or home without you even realizing it. That’s why it’s important to get an electrical inspection done so you know what’s safe and what needs to be fixed. Don’t wait on electrical code violations, resolve them as quickly as possible. 

Get a thorough electrical inspection done by our experienced electricians. Contact us today to keep your home or office safe!    


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