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Electric maintenance & repairs for homes and businesses

Your electrical system is an integral part of your home or business but can bring everything to a grinding halt when it isn’t functioning properly. Our team of certified electricians is ready to provide assistance in all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacing elements of your electrical systems.


A maintenance team you can rely on

Krueger has a full-service maintenance department ready to support your business or property management needs. Our team can provide ongoing testing and maintenance to ensure systems are operating at peak performance. Plus, if you are facing a problem, you can rest easy knowing that Krueger is ready to troubleshoot any issue and get your power and systems back online.

  • Strata & high-rise maintenance
  • Commercial building maintenance
  • Industrial operations & manufacturing
  • Production line operations
  • Industrial automation
  • cUV lighting systems
  • Solar and clean energy systems
  • Elevators & people movers

Let Krueger take care of your electrical maintenance needs. Contact Us to get a quote or discuss your project needs. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to follow up on your project details.

Kelowna Electricians provide service for the Kelowna Yacht Club

Our experience with Krueger Electrical was the best. With prompt polite service, professional courtesy, and first-rate knowledge, we would have no hesitation in using their services again.

Judith Buckley

Now Canada Society

Professional and quick service; would recommend.

Damien Stewart

Excellent service from Krueger Electric, I would recommend this company's service to anyone that needs work done.

Ryan Esser

Expect only the most professional work and service!

Evan Thompson

Great team and great service!

Can Schreiner


Recent Maintenance Projects

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Krueger Electric is one of Western Canada’s largest and most capable electric services providers.