Effective Ways to Light Up Your Home or Office

Man working with task lighting at home

In more ways than one, different kinds of lighting can greatly impact your mood and overall feel of a room. For example, harsh fluorescents can cause stress, especially if they’re noisy, whereas natural light can make us feel more awake and can even improve sleep. Thus, you can change the way an entire room feels by lighting it effectively, even using ceiling fan light bulbs.

Using Ambient Lighting and Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs to Light Up a Room

Broadly speaking, this is typically where you’ll start when it comes to lighting a room. While oftentimes this will refer to recessed lights in the ceiling, hanging light fixtures, or even just ceiling fan light bulbs, it can also refer to floor and table lamps too.

Lamps can sometimes be more effective to light up areas like corners or produce less harsh shadows in a room, especially if there are already good sources of natural light. While overhead lighting is often more practical, depending on how it’s set up it can be less effective or even garish in some cases.

Lighting Designed for Completing Tasks

“Task lighting” is a term come to be used for lighting that is highly focused on accomplishing, well, tasks. These are frequently the desk or table lamps that you would use in a home, workspace, or office setting where having additional light helps provide additional visibility for the tasks you’re working on. At home, this could be as simple as a small reading light or larger like a floor lamp.

However task lighting is being used, it should be ideally 6-10 times brighter than the ambient light to improve visibility and decreased reliance on ambient light. Halogen lights are a perfect choice for this because they produce clean light and render accurate colours.

Taking Advantage of Natural Light

Not all light needs to be electric. Taking advantage of the sun’s light into your home can be just as good and, in fact, better in some cases.

However, setting up natural light effectively involves taking the moving angle of the sun into account. The sun can produce glare making it hard to focus if there are too many reflective surfaces in your home or work environment.

Natural light often helps people to be more productive and can be especially helpful for people who work at home. Plus, you’re able to reduce your electrical bills by integrating natural light into your workplace or home.

Lighting your home or commercial environment is important; it can mean the difference in higher levels of productivity and how comfortable you feel in a space.

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