Essential Tips for Landscape Lighting

Pathway lit from landscape lighting services

If you want to enjoy being out in your yard later in the evening during the summer, landscape lighting is a perfect choice. However, unlike indoor lighting, a little goes a long way. You don’t need to install floodlights in your yard to get the amount of light you desire. If you need it, landscape lighting services can provide more in-depth and complex lighting systems with greater features and functionality.

Before you jump at the chance to start lighting your yard yourself or with professional help there are a few important things to know:

Get the Most Out of Landscape Lighting Services by Understanding Outdoor Lighting Basics

First off, it’s important to understand that lighting outdoors doesn’t have to be as intense as indoors to fully light a space. Our eyes need less light to see shadows, details, and patterns outdoors than they do inside structures. Thus, you don’t need to invest in massive lighting fixtures to get the visibility you desire.

When planning your landscape lighting, the industry is typically divided into 3 sections based on functionality (both indoors and outdoors):

  • Overall lighting: designed to light a whole room or space
  • Task lighting: intended to light up an area for specific areas like a path or driveway
  • Accent lighting: designed to bring attention to a focal point like an art fixture

Naturally, task lighting and accent lighting are typically most commonly used outdoors based on their functionality.

Commercial building at night lit up by landscape lighting

Choosing the Kind of Light You Want

All light has a colour to it measured in Kelvin (K) and is one of the most important choices to make when you’re choosing what kind of landscape lighting is best for your project.

For example, 6000K resembles sunlight in colour and is a great choice for path lighting. On the other hand, 3000K is much more yellow, and is easier on the eyes at night, making it better to put around patios and decks and other areas where people will gather.

Due to their high degree of flexibility, low energy use, and long-lasting quality, we recommend using LED lights for your outdoors. They are often the best kind of bulb to choose from, especially if you’ll be having your outdoor lights on frequently.

Common Ideas/Uses for Landscape Lighting

While outdoor lighting can be put anywhere, some of the best places to install it include:

  • Pathways: Avoid stumbling through the dark to your front or back door by setting up illuminated pathways. This can also be helpful in the winter too if set up properly to help you easily navigate to where you want to go.
  • Decks/Patios/Gazebos: Sure, hanging Christmas lights or Edison bulbs will do the trick in a pinch, but if you want to both provide a space that you can work, relax, or entertain in, you’re best off installing some more permanent lighting.
  • Steps/Stairs: These are almost essential to be lit to provide the maximum level of safety to yourself and others. There are really no downsides to making sure you can safely get up and down the stairs seeing where your feet are and supposed to go for the next step.

Overall, outdoor lighting provides both benefits and functionality to your outdoor area. It’s best to get a professional to install it though, if you’re anticipating needing a lot done or more complex lighting set up.



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