Illuminate Your Backyard with These Landscape Lighting Ideas

Backyard landscape lighting ideas

If you’ve put the effort and time into creating a beautiful backyard oasis, the last thing you want is for darkness to put a damper on it. Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor space. Landscape lighting can be a great way to not only enhance elements of your yard that you’re proud of, but it can also illuminate the space so it can be utilized late into the night. Landscape lighting can also be a great way to improve your home’s security, as would-be burglars are less likely to go snooping around a brightly illuminated yard.

Whether you want to highlight a cool water feature, use your swimming pool after the sun goes down or enjoy drinks on your patio with friends late into the evening, we’ve put together a list of some great landscape lighting ideas to enhance your outdoor space.

Beautiful patio lit with string lights

Landscape Lighting Ideas: Light Up Your Patio


An outdoor deck or patio makes a great entertainment space, so adding some lights can be a great way to ensure that you can continue to entertain long after the sun goes down. There are lots of great options available in terms of landscape lighting for patio spaces, it’s just a matter of finding a lighting solution that will work best for you.

String lights are a great option for illuminating your patio, as they provide soft, low-voltage lighting that creates a beautiful, warm ambiance. They are relatively inexpensive and are easy to hang from a pergola or covered deck to create the ultimate nighttime entertainment space.

Backyard swimming pool lighting

Illuminate Your Swimming Pool


Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the pool party has to stop! Adding landscape lighting to your pool area can be a great way to not only light up the area but can also add an extra layer of safety for people wanting to use the pool at night. Many pools have lighting built in to illuminate the water within the pool but adding additional lighting to the surrounding area is a great way to light up the space.

Spotlights are a popular landscape light to use and shine a narrow beam of light upwards, normally to illuminate a plant or ornamental feature. They can also be effective if installed along a fence to highlight the perimeter of your yard and can be a great way to brighten your pool area. Not only do they provide lots of light, but they are discreet and won’t be easily noticed during the daytime.

Backyard path illuminated with landscape lights

Highlight Your Walkways

When the sun sets, the last thing you want is to have to stumble your way through your yard because you can’t see where your walkway is. Adding landscape lighting to your backyard paths is an easy way to not only highlight where you should be walking, but they can also create focal interest at night. Solar lighting is a great option for lining walkways or garden beds, as they are inexpensive and charge themselves, so you don’t need to worry about stringing cords across your lawn.

You don’t need lights that are going to pack a huge punch when it comes to illuminating your backyard walkways but adding some soft lighting to guide your way can be a great way to add some visual interest to your yard. Make sure you space your lights at equal distances along the path you want to be illuminated so you don’t leave any sections in the dark.

From highlighting flower beds to adding patio lighting that will ensure the party can last all night long, landscape lighting is a great way to enhance your backyard and add some visual interest to the space. Make a sketch of your backyard to determine what areas you want to highlight and determine the type and how many lights you’ll need to achieve the look you are going for.



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