Innovative Residential Electrical Trends of 2021

Ceiling fan light bulb

It’s not only interior decorating that has trends each year, yearly trends also extend to your home’s or business’s electrical system—even your ceiling fan light bulbs. These trends are often upgrades that can not only save you money but often time as well.

We detail some of the main trends to consider when upgrading your electrical systems.

Making Your Home More Automated

Whether it’s controlling your door with a smart lock or simply getting your home lights to turn off right at bedtime, automating homes is becoming increasingly popular. With the affordability of smart plugs, people are able to control their electronics even more and not only reduce their energy use but also have their devices or appliances ready and waiting for them when they need them.

Smart home thermostats that can shut off your furnace when you’re out of the house are especially popular. They offer a simple way to save on heating and cooling your home when you’re not there.

Getting Fuel From Your Garage

More and more electric cars are not only becoming available but also at increasingly better prices too. Naturally, it then makes sense that one of the notable trends of 2021 is homeowners installing charging stations at home either in their garage or outside it.

Whereas gas stations require you to visit them in order to get gas (unless you have your own tank at home) electric cars chargers can easily be set up and attached to a home’s electrical grid. Not only is it more affordable than going to charging stations, but it’s also much more convenient.

Electrical outlet with USB port

Adding USB Ports to Outlets

While we’re not quite at the point yet where toasters and other appliances are all universally using USB cables instead of two or three prongs, many homes are getting there.

It’s no longer uncommon to see new homes with outlets that have both prong ports and USB ports in the same outlet.

Lighting up Your Closets

Finally, we get to lighting. Notably, LED lights have reached a point where they are more affordable, use less energy, and last longer than most incandescent, fluorescent, or CFL bulbs. As such, they are becoming widely adopted as the go-to choice for lighting in most homes and businesses. This includes everything from desk lights, to ceiling fan light bulbs, to closet lighting.

Speaking of closet lighting, even though most closets have some light that reaches them from a ceiling source or otherwise, inside the closet rarely has it set up. However, with the ease of setting up LED lights, more people are turning to fun ways to make it easy to find the items or pieces of clothing they’re looking for.

Although many of the 2021 trends in electrical systems probably won’t come as a shock, the affordability of many newer products and easier integration and connectivity with home systems is undoubtedly welcome.



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