Best Lighting Upgrades For Your Commercial Business 


Krueger Electric specializes in delivering peace of mind to all of our clients. Lighting upgrades save you money while establishing a safer perimeter for your commercial business. Make your cupcakes come to life and showcase your wares with more illumination. LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode) delivers on all accounts.

Some of the benefits of lighting upgrades include:

  • Happier, healthier staff and clients.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Crime prevention and reduction.
  • Advanced lighting controls, dual switches, timers & dimmers.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • LED lamps, exits signs, etc.
  • Eliminate annoying fluorescent flickering.
  • Better looking products and MUCH more.

LED Lighting Upgrades Save You & Your Crew

Creating a bright, cheerful first impression is vital for many businesses. Whether you are a car dealership or running your retail business from the mall, Krueger Electric has you covered. We are happy to meet you on-site to delegate and differentiate. It is simply amazing how different your skin tone, goods and even the paint on the wall comes to life with the right type of lighting.

Lighting Upgrades: Stop Squinting & Having Headaches

Many clients are sensitive to fluorescent lights and different spectrums…and they don’t even know it! It can be easy to assume those recurring headaches are from stress, your coworkers’ strong perfume or your overall health. And, of course, you could be right. However, your headaches and eye strain can also be directly related to the type of light you are working with.

40% Of Your Energy Bills Go To Lighting

Did you know that a significant portion of your monthly commercial energy bills is just paying for the lighting?! Feel great about putting more money back into your pocket AND saving the planet at the same time! Mercury-free and long-lasting, isn’t it time you made the switch to LEDs?

Those old hot bulbs are costing you much more than you think. While many businesses think “I’ll switch over when these current lights burn out,” you are potentially doing yourself a great disservice. Thankfully, Krueger Electric in Kelowna is happy to assess your current needs and help you cut costs.


Lighting Upgrades & Enhanced Security

Interior lighting is often kept on overnight for security measures. Exterior lighting may be on dusk till dawn, further increasing costs. By changing over to energy-efficient LEDs, we can drastically help you eliminate the astronomical costs associated with traditional non-LED lights.

Motion lights, entryways and parking lots are a vital part of your commercial business. Keeping your employees and your clients safe and secure at all times is essential. Krueger Electric can provide you with an estimate for lighting upgrades that meet all of your specific needs.

Lighting Upgrades & Efficacy

The term efficacy refers to the quantity of light emitted from a fixture per watt of energy consumed. Older lighting techniques utilize reflectors to direct the light and make it as bright as possible. Whereas, LED lighting is a directional source with two to three times more efficacy. This means LED’s focus more light where you want it instead of illuminating areas that don’t need it.

What Is Your Perfect Warm to Cool Scale?

Have you ever noticed how some lights create a warm glow while others are almost too brilliant? If you feel like Corey Hart and have to “wear your sunglasses at night,” we can help! There is a perfect LED range to suit your eyes and your products. It can be astounding to try different lighting scales and see how varied the end results are.

Call Krueger To Illuminate Your Life Today!

We would love to swing by and show you the different lighting upgrades for your commercial business. You don’t have to live or work in the dark any longer! We look forward to retrofitting your existing system or helping you start fresh.

You may even be eligible for lighting incentives with your energy-efficiency lighting upgrades! There really is no reason to put this off any longer!

Contact our professional team to book your consultation and let us show you the light! After all, great lighting design can go a lot farther than you imagine!


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