How to Protect Your Home From Lightning Damage and Power Surges

Power surge protector to protect against lightning damage

Lightning damage and power surges while not overly common occurrences (depending on where you live) are nonetheless devastating when they do happen. They can fry some of your most expensive electronics and require costly repairs. Computers can be especially vulnerable as these surges can make recovering your data impossible. Here are a few ways to […]

Post-Power Surge: Why You Need An Electrical Technician

Even though our temperatures are still warm, the blustery winds heralding fall are here! Wind storms are common this time of year and elderly tree branches can become weary. Even if you have surge protection, you may need to contact your Kelowna electrical technician in the event of a power surge. Grounding problems and wiring […]

Your Guide to Commercial and Residential Surge Protection

Whether you’re watching Netflix at home or crunching numbers at the office, power surges are a reality that everyone has experienced. You might not know the cause, but you know the result all too well – lights out and devices damaged. In this blog, we’ll run through common causes of electrical surges and explain how […]

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