The Main Signs of Serious Electrical Problems in Your Home

Scorched electrical outlet which is a sign of electrical code violation

Although electricity is one of the most useful inventions ever conceived, it still can be dangerous. Electrical code violations and other issues in your home can not only damage your home systems but can even be fatal if left unchecked. Even though most of your home’s electrical systems are tucked away behind the walls and […]

Essential Tips for Landscape Lighting

Pathway lit from landscape lighting services

If you want to enjoy being out in your yard later in the evening during the summer, landscape lighting is a perfect choice. However, unlike indoor lighting, a little goes a long way. You don’t need to install floodlights in your yard to get the amount of light you desire. If you need it, landscape […]

The Most Common Electrical Code Violations That Are Easily Missed

Electrician fixing electrical code violations

While electricity is a wonderful thing, it can also be one of the most dangerous in your home if your electrical systems are set up incorrectly. As such, it’s crucial to fix electrical code violations as soon as possible if you find any. We break down some of the most common electrical code violations below. […]

How to Trace a Wire With No Power

Tracing a wire without any power at home

While hammering holes in the wall is an effective way to find wires, it’s not so effective for your home repair budget. There is good news though: there are easy methods of tracing wire in your home so you don’t have to turn your walls into swiss cheese to find them. What if the power […]

What You Need to Do When Waterproofing Outlets

Waterproof outlets on dock.

Electrical outlets provide safe, simple, and easy access to electricity, but to ensure they stay safe you need to be cautious when installing them outdoors. Indoor outlets typically are placed in ways where weather isn’t an issue, but outdoor outlets need to be protected. Waterproofing outlets that are outside prevents not only damaging your home’s […]

How Residential Lightning Rods Work  

Residential lightning rods being struck by lightning

Does your home need residential lightning rods? While the answer may seem cut and dry, that’s not necessarily the case. Thunderstorms do happen relatively often in the Okanagan during the summer, so should you consider it? We explore how lightning rods work, and whether they’re worth the money to invest in.  Residential Lightning Rods—How Does a Lightning Rod […]

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