How to Properly Set up Circuit Breaker Panel Labels

Setting up circuit breaker panel labels

With electricity playing a bigger role in our lives more than ever before, it’s important to know how your home electrical system works. This is especially true for your home’s electrical panel. If something goes wrong, reacting in time can save you both money and time spent fixing damages. One of the easiest ways you […]

Power Surge Protection and Use of a Surge Arrester

Burning electrical outlet - Kelowna electrical services | Krueger Electric

Power surge protection can help protect your home from sudden increases in voltage that would otherwise cause damage to electrical devices (i.e: fridge, T.V, computer, etc.) For example, if there is a lightning strike that hits your home or nearby electrical lines, the energy from this strike could send over 169 volts of destruction into […]

Electrical Upgrades To Consider When Completing a Commercial Renovation In Kelowna

Mitigating urban sprawl translates to building up and not out. Maximizing vertical space with high rise commercial building designs can positively affect office buildings, hospitals, condominium accommodations, residential, commercial, industrial and institutional spaces. Our city continues to grow and Krueger Electrical has a talented team of urban electrical contractors your next project needs. From the […]

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