How to Remove a Ceiling Fan

How to remove a ceiling fan

There are many reasons why your ceiling fan might need to be replaced. Used to circulate air throughout your home, a ceiling fan serves many purposes, from improving airflow to helping to cool down rooms during hot summer days. But over time ceiling fans can wear down—they’ll need to be replaced. In a room where […]

Electrical Code Violations That Are More Common Than You Think

Electrician fixing electrical code violations

Doing electrical work on your own home can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, but if not done correctly, it can lead to major problems down the road. It’s also important to know that any electrical work you do yourself still has to pass an inspection and be up to code. We’ve put […]

The Main Signs of Serious Electrical Problems in Your Home

Scorched electrical outlet which is a sign of electrical code violation

Although electricity is one of the most useful inventions ever conceived, it still can be dangerous. Electrical code violations and other issues in your home can not only damage your home systems but can even be fatal if left unchecked. Even though most of your home’s electrical systems are tucked away behind the walls and […]

The Most Common Electrical Code Violations That Are Easily Missed

Electrician fixing electrical code violations

While electricity is a wonderful thing, it can also be one of the most dangerous in your home if your electrical systems are set up incorrectly. As such, it’s crucial to fix electrical code violations as soon as possible if you find any. We break down some of the most common electrical code violations below. […]

Most Common Electrical Code Violations

Common electrical code violation with burnt wire

If you purchased a home or commercial building with common electrical code violations unknowingly, these issues can put yourself, and others, at risk. These violations are crucial to recognize to prevent future issues. But how do you recognize what an electrical code violation looks like? What impact can it have on your home or office if left unchecked? We answer those […]

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